Booking Disabled Tickets With Access Passports

What are access passports and how do i use one.

What is an access passport?

An Access Passport serves as your personal key to curating the experience you require. This innovative tool allows us to tailor your entire journey with Different Breed, ensuring a more personalised approach when booking tickets, especially those designed for individuals with disabilities.

Rooted in a trust-first philosophy, the Access Passport empowers you to self-identify your unique needs with confidence and privacy. By doing so, you gain access to specialised ticket options that cater specifically to your requirements. This process not only facilitates seamless online booking but also equips event promoters with the necessary insights to customise your in-person experience, making it as enjoyable and accommodating as possible.

Self Declared vs Verified Eligibility

The trust system for self-declaration, integral to the Access Passport, is founded on mutual respect and confidence between attendees and event promoters. This system permits individuals to independently identify and communicate their specific needs without extensive verification processes, emphasising empowerment and privacy. However, for the integrity of the system and to ensure that resources are allocated fairly and appropriately, event promoters reserve the right to require verification for certain disabilities from trusted eligibility providers, such as Access Card.

This dual approach balances ease of access with the necessity of maintaining a fair and equitable distribution of resources. For most situations, the self-declaration suffices, allowing for a streamlined and respectful handling of accessibility needs. In cases where specific disabilities might necessitate additional accommodations or where there's a higher demand for limited resources, verification through an established and respected third-party provider ensures that those who need these accommodations the most receive them. This verification process is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible, upholding the individual's dignity while safeguarding the event's integrity and the well-being of all participants.

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