Disability Symbols

What each symbol means and how it effects your event experience.


To ensure an inclusive and welcoming experience for all our guests, we are committed to providing a range of accessibility options. Below are the supported accessibility categories available to enhance your visit and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable event experience.



Audio Description

Narrates visual elements of the event for guests with vision impairments.

Assistance Dogs

Allows entry for assistance dogs to support guests with disabilities.

Closed Captions

Text displayed on a screen, visible only to those who choose this option, detailing spoken dialogue and sounds.

Open Captions

Text displayed on a screen for all audience members, detailing spoken dialogue and sounds.

Essential Companions

Allows guests who require assistance to attend the event to bring a necessary companion for support.

Relaxed Performance

A performance modified to create a welcoming environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Signed Performance

Features sign language interpretation of the dialogue and actions on stage.

Touch Tour

A pre-event tour allowing guests with vision impairments to tactilely experience the set, props, and costumes.

Wheelchair Access

Indicates the event venue is accessible to wheelchair users.

Accessible Toilets

Restrooms designed to accommodate guests with disabilities.

Orientation & Familiarisation Visits

Pre-event visits arranged for guests to familiarise themselves with the venue, aimed at reducing anxiety and ensuring comfort.

(SEN) Special Educational Needs

A performance tailored to meet the needs of guests with special educational needs.

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